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We were asked by a superb Media company, Media Circus, to help produce the Kingsman: Golden Circle social media Influencers event. 

The Challenge

To produce a fully immersive experience for the global influencers prior to the launch of the Kingsman: The Golden Circle film

The Obstacles

We had to make sure we appealed to the real variety of influencers present, and to immerse them into elements of the film. We needed personnel who had actually worked on the film, in order to be able to recreate scenes into which we could place the guests. We also needed to cater and care for all people attending the event, whilst making sure the location, services and health and safety were all fully in place

The Execution

We took on RAF Dunsfold as the location, securing 2 hangers and the airfield itself. We then maintained and modified the 3 black cabs, from the actual film, in order to allow them to be raced around the track by actual stunt men who raced the vehicles during the films production. We also used other stunt men to re-enact and train people in various fight scenes from the film.


We set up another area for weapons demonstrations and lasso and bullwhip training, and at each of these stances, we enabled filming by production companies and influencers.

We also managed the health and safety of the event with fire and medical cover, as well as a 'pint crew' for the racing taxis.

The catering area was set up in one hanger, along with a static vehicle display, which allowed the feeding of over 100 people over the 2 day event.

Producing an immersive social media influencers event for the launch of the feature film: The Golden Circle
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